Toyota GR 86 Base Model Arrives For One Country Only

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Check out those steel wheels!

The Toyota GR86 and its Subaru BRZ twin are made to be modified. The aftermarket tuning world is already making plans for the second-generation models and we can't wait to see what they come up with. Many of these private tuning firms strip the coupes down to their core and rebuild them their way, but they're still forced to buy them with features they have no intention of retaining. It's just how things work sometimes. But not in Japan.

As was the case with the first generation, Toyota has launched a bare-bones base model specifically with those tuners in mind. And also like before, it's available only in Japan.


Called the RC, it very much looks like a base version thanks to those steel rims; it's a foregone conclusion they'll be swapped out. Aside from those, the exterior remains the same. The LED headlights and gloss black mirror caps still come standard, though the latter can be had with metallic paint.

Step inside and the right-hand-drive layout is also largely untouched. There is one key exception: a large black plastic panel covering the spot where the audio system normally is. Swapping out systems is very common and Toyota knows full and well tuners will definitely do this. Other features like air conditioning and automatic climate control are still standard.

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Cruise control, however, appears to have been removed. All in all, Toyota ditched the features the aftermarket has no intention of keeping and kept the things they'll still want. We don't know yet whether Toyota has any plans to bring the GR86 RC stateside but we've reached out to the carmaker to try and get an answer. We'll update this space if we receive a relevant response.

Pricing for the RC kicks off at 2,799,000 yen, including taxes. That translates to around $24,500. The regular US-spec GR86 begins at $27,700, which is already a bargain.

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