Toyota GR Corolla's 300-HP Three-Cylinder Is Available As A Crate Engine

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But it won't be easy to get one.

Crafty tuners and mechanics hoping to get their hands on the G16E-GTS engine powering the new GR Corolla will be delighted to know the automaker is all too happy to sell you the powerplant as a crate engine. But getting your hands on one may prove difficult, as The Drive (TD) recently discovered.

As per the publication, importers in the UK are selling versions of the engine - both with and without the cylinder head. One of these engine merchants, JDM Garage, lists the part number as 19000- 18210. Search for this via Toyota's US-based parts center, and the engine will come up, although a message notes that "this product is no longer available."

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TD also contacted a Toyota dealership to enquire about the crate engine and was told it was discontinued. So what does this mean?

The potent three-cylinder is clearly on the company's database but, as the vehicle was only introduced earlier this year, it's unlikely the crate engine will be made available so soon as every unit is needed for production of the in-demand hot hatch. If you're truly desperate to get your hands on the turbocharged three-pot, it looks like the only remedy is to import one from the United Kingdom.

That would be pricey though, as JDM Garage charges £12,999 (approx. $15,650) for the privilege. When you factor in import duties, shipping expenses, and other costs, it could prove prohibitively expensive.

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If you're wondering what the fuss is about, the G16E-GTS is the little engine that could. What it lacks in displacement, it more than makes up for in character and performance. In the Corolla, it produces a substantial 300 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque (295 lb-ft in the hardcore Morizo) which makes for startling performance.

The mighty powertrain can produce even more power, as evidenced by some of the modified GR Yaris hot hatches we've seen - the latest of which proffers up an astonishing 549 hp and 496 lb-ft. It's only a matter of time before inventive tuners stateside start tuning the GR Corolla to this level or engine-swapping the motor into something even lighter.

Interestingly, it's available in Japan for the equivalent of $6,500. Let's hope Toyota USA follows suit and keeps the desirable pricing too.

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Source Credits: The Drive

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