Toyota GR GT3 Concept Unveiled With Wild Aero And Big Plans

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This car could help us gain access to more go-faster models in the future.

A week ago to the day, Toyota teased a pair of new GR models and they have now been revealed at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. The teasers pointed to a new version of the GR Yaris (there are actually two new variants) and a new concept called the GR GT3 Concept. That car was leaked ahead of time, but now the concept has been revealed in full, along with the aforementioned GR Yaris variants and a Sport Concept version of the recently unveiled bZ4X electric vehicle.

These other cars are seriously cool in their own right and are featured in their own articles, but for now, let's focus on the exciting GT3 concept.

Toyota Toyota Toyota

As the images show, this is not a concept based on the GR Supra or any other production Toyota, but there's a reason for that which we'll get to in a moment. That said, we're sure there must be some elements of the car that can be seen elsewhere in the automaker's lineup. Sadly, very little information has been provided by the Japanese giant for the moment, besides the promise that this car is part of the company's commitment to further accelerate "customer motorsports activities to make the world of motorsports sustainable." The concept promotes "driver first" car development "with a desire to provide attractive cars that customers participating in GT3 [...] would choose."

Toyota Toyota

So why is this unlike anything else Toyota has shown us before? Toyota says that by commercializing motorsports cars rather than just repurposing existing production cars, Gazoo Racing wants to use racetrack "feedback and technologies refined through participation in various motorsports activities to develop both GT3 and mass-production cars and further promote making ever-better motorsports-bred cars."

So what do we actually learn from this? Well, Toyota clearly wants to go racing and offer customers a full GT3 program, and the buying public will benefit from this through future motorsports-bred vehicles like the GR Yaris. If Toyota can get this off the ground and generate a lot of interest, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that we'll get a load more high-horsepower production cars in the future. Let's just hope they're offered in the States.

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