Toyota GR86 Catches Fire Just Hours After 4-Month Dealership Repair

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Owners have reported severe problems with the GR86 over the past few weeks.

Toyota can't catch a break with the GR86. After we discovered a GR86 owner complaining online that Toyota would not honor an engine failure warranty claim after discovering a social media image, more owners came out of the woodwork complaining of engine failures due to some grey sealant debris found in the oiling system. Now, after a four-month long repair, a Toyota GR86 owner in southern California alleges that his car caught fire hours after picking the car up from the Toyota of Orange dealership.

The incident is still under investigation and the cause of the fire, nor the warranty work involved is fully known. One fact in this catastrophic event is very clear though, the owner (who goes by the name of JZX_JK on Instagram) is digging in and ready for a fight with Toyota corporate.
JZX_JK / Instagram

"As a lot of you know I've had this car in for repair the past 4 months @toyotaoforange I just go it back this morning, I've had the car for 12 hours and I pulled off the freeway to turn down my street and it burst into flames in my face!" the owner wrote on Instagram.

Toyota moved into damage control again following its reversal of the warranty denial of another GR86 owner, Blake Alvarado from last week. The Toyota PR response on the GR86 fire video was fairly generic, essentially saying let's take it to DMs to discuss. Only the owner wasn't having it, clearly upset after waiting months for the repairs only for the car to burst into flames the same day he got it back.

"If you really care enough you can send me a DM or try to contact me directly," the owner stated on Instagram. "Other than that you can speak with my lawyer. Also, you have been reported to the [NHTSA] and your dealership has been reported to the Better Business Bureau, and will be notified shortly."

As we reported, the new GR86 has been having engine problems due to a grey sealant coming loose and floating around the oil pan until it blocks the oil pickup. Toyota marketed the car with a NASA track promotion and commercials aimed at taking GR86 to the limit in a track environment. Toyota clarified the acceptable usage of the car, what the warranty would cover and that warranty claims were still on a "case-by-case" basis. Toyota has only offered that there is "no further information to provide at this time" but no recall or technical service bulletin has been issued either.

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