Toyota GT-86 Meets the Classic AE86

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As the spiritual successor to the legendary AE 86, the new GT-86 has some big shoes to fill.

There have been many comparisons lately involving the new Toyota/Scion GT-86/FR-S and the Subaru BRZ with many other modern rear-wheel-drive sports cars. While some of the verdicts have been mixed for the newest Japanese sports car trio, Auto Express recently opted for a slightly different kind of comparison test. Instead of pitting the Europe and Japanese market GT-86 against a Miata or even a Cayman, the British publication opted for something from yesteryear.

The Toyota Corolla AE 86 is still a legend from its time and back in the 1980s as it was considered to be one of the best lightweight rear-wheel-drive sports coupes on the market.

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Powered by a 1.6-liter four-pot with just 123 horsepower, the AE 86 is definitely outdated in the engine department when compared to the GT-86. But the question is whether the new car is a worthy successor in the handling department, a place where the AE 86 made its long-lasting mark. The GT-86 isn't exactly all powerful itself with its 2.0-liter boxer four and 200 hp, but it too handles great around the track.

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