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Toyota GT-86 Race Car Ready to Rumble

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Toyota delivered a mean looking GT 86 race car to the Bangkok Motor Show, paving the way for tuners to have their wicked way with the highly tunable sports coupe.

Subaru is in full swing promoting the BRZ GT300 race car, which is already competing in this year's Japanese SuperGT series. With a widened, track-ready body that sports a widened track with pumped guards, a massive rear spoiler, vented hood, lowered stance and a set of 18-inch racing wheels, it's one mean looking car. Now Toyota has gotten in on the act, revealing the Toyota GT 86 race car at the Bangkok Motor Show back in March.

Unsurprisingly there are plenty of styling cues lifted off the Subaru BRZ GT300 such as the big air vents cut into the hood, a low lip kit and huge spoiler, and we suspect it will also be given a run out at a racing event in the near future. With a low-slung 2.0-liter Boxer engine, extremely low center of gravity and superior handling, the GT 86 is already a quasi-race car that's waiting to be further tuned. And with stripped-down versions already available, we should be seeing plenty of tuning projects for this car in the near future.

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