Toyota Heads To SEMA 2022 With 10-Second GR Supra

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The automaker will show how to turn two GR Supras into 10-second cars for less than $10,000.

Toyota USA is planning to wow the crowds at SEMA 2022 with a pair of modified Toyota GR Supra sports cars. With just $10,000, the automaker plans to develop "10-second twins," which is clearly a reference to the now-iconic movie, The Fast And The Furious.

A new video series documents the build, and details how Toyota plans to transform its halo offering into a serious drag strip destroyer. Both vehicles originally served as pace cars for the Nascar Xfinity Series. Instead of retiring them, a plan was hatched. "For about $10,000, what can you do on a drag strip with this vehicle?" asks team manager, Marty Schwerter.

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He notes that an uprated cooling system is a big priority for the project. To that end, Toyota elected to fit a CSF aftermarket radiator, which is 30% to 40% larger than the stock item.

"What we're doing is taking the stock turbo, making it about 20% to 30% bigger, and then telling the engine management system to put more fuel and air into it. [That way], we can create a bigger spark and that will give us more horsepower," remarked Schwerter.

Lead fabricator for the job, Brad Vetter, explains the team went with HKS front and rear suspensions. Because the Supra has been lowered slightly, the team had to cut the bump stop in the shock absorber.

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A revised downpipe and bigger exhaust have also been fitted to the Supra. "[The downpipe] actually goes to...a 3.5-inch exhaust. Having an exhaust this big definitely helps the car breathe as far as you're getting exhaust out because we're trying to pump as much air in. So we need that air to escape as fast as it can," explains Vetter.

Lastly, the Japanese sports car is treated to a fresh set of Weld Racing Wheels, wrapped up in grippy Mickey Thompson tires. With all of these improvements, one of the Supra's is ready for a test run at the Toyota facility.

While the road is less than a tenth of a mile, the acceleration gives the team a good idea of the performance.

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"Unfortunately, we have to shut it off at 80 mph. If I know where he started and I know when he backs off [the throttle], I know how far it took to get to the [desired speed]." The Renaissance Red 2.0 Supra sets off with gusto, the straight-six engine wailing as it flies toward the 80 mph mark. "So far, it feels very lively and quick," says Vetter.

The first stages of this project looks promising, and we look forward to seeing if the final product achieves the team's goal. "Our goal for stage one of this project is to show that if you own a Supra and want to race it, you're going to be faster than 85% of the other cars out there," explains the team manager.

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So, what's next? Well, the team wants to bestow the same upgrades on the other Supra and then tune both to ensure they're performing at the same level. If Toyota can reach its goal, it will be an incredible achievement. People will most certainly flock to the "10-second twins" in their droves - although other builds are also hoping to steal the show.

More importantly, however, Toyota is showing people that you don't need hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a quick car. As mentioned, the "10-second" reference harks back to the original film in the Fast & Furious franchise, where the main character (played by the late Paul Walker) builds a 10-second A80 Supra for Vin Diesel's character, Dominic Toretto.

Toyota USA/YouTube Toyota USA/YouTube

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