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Over 15 million examples have been sold to date.

The Toyota Prius has been a phenomenal success for the Japanese automaker not only in terms of sales but also image. The Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle from a mainstream automaker with an affordable price tag. It was even the car of choice for some celebrities who had the money to buy anything they wanted. Being environmentally friendly doesn't have to come at a high cost. And now Toyota aims to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Prius with a new special edition model. According to information uncovered by Cars Direct, the 2021 Prius will offer a 20th Anniversary Edition to commemorate the model's US market arrival. Hard to believe that was in 2001. Times flies.

The Prius initially debuted in Japan a few years earlier in 1997 but it was the US where its popularity truly took off. All told, Toyota has sold more than 15 million examples so far and counting.

2019-2020 Toyota Prius Three Quarter Front Left Side View Toyota
2019-2020 Toyota Prius Three Quarter Rear Left Side View Toyota
Front Angle View Toyota

As far as the anniversary model goes, details regarding its packaging remain scarce at the moment, but chances are it will be placed above the Limited trim within the model lineup. It'll also probably come in front-wheel-drive only. It's still unknown whether or not Toyota will add distinct styling touches such as unique wheels and badges.

However, the report does indicate interior color choices will be limited to black Softex while just two exterior colors will be available: Supersonic Red and Wind Chill Pearl (aka White). Based on this early intel, it doesn't appear the 20th Anniversary Prius edition will be all that special, though we're sure Toyota won't have any difficulty selling them. An official announcement should come fairly soon because production is slated to get underway in July.

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2019-2020 Toyota Prius Infotainment System Toyota
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Cargo Room Toyota

Ironically, despite all of the success the Prius has enjoyed, it may no longer be needed. Bear in mind the latest Toyota Corolla Hybrid and RAV4 Hybrid feature the same hybrid system found in the Prius and the former gets nearly the same fuel economy.

In a way, the Corolla Hybrid and Prius have become internal competition. For now, Toyota hasn't stated any outright plans to drop the Prius, but that could change.

2019-2020 Toyota Prius Three Quarter Front Right Side View Toyota
2019-2020 Toyota Prius Left Side View In Motion Toyota
2019-2020 Toyota Prius Engine Toyota
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