Toyota Introduces Brilliant In-Car Entertainment Service

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Five devices can now simultaneously stream the latest content.

Every parent knows that road trips involve more than just navigating the vehicle along the road safely. There is a secondary job that involves keeping an eye on the young ones in the back and making sure that their (many) demands are met. For Toyota and Lexus owners, this job just became a bit easier.

Toyota has announced a new collaboration with AT&T for access to in-car Wi-Fi and the WarnerMedia RIDE App. Using this feature, up to five devices can easily access, share, and stream the latest live content. That should make reaching your destination easier for those occupying the back seats.

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This service would be a wonderful addition to vehicles like the Lexus LX and Toyota Sienna. The latter already offers family-friendly features like wireless headphones, a remote control, and an HD rear entertainment screen. The streaming service is accessible for select 2020 and newer vehicles from Toyota and Lexus.

The initial complimentary Wi-Fi plan trial runs for up to 90 days. When in use, occupants will be able to access content from the likes of TruTV, CNN, HBO Max, and Cartoon Network. Currently, the WarnerMedia RIDE app can be downloaded via both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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"By working with AT&T to provide access to WarnerMedia RIDE, we are reimagining the in-vehicle entertainment experience and ensuring that passengers have access to their favorite content wherever the road may take them," explained Toyota Motor North America's group vice president, Steve Basra.

In-car connectivity is now considered a key part of the purchasing decision for many shoppers. If a new car doesn't have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it could be a dealbreaker for some. Even Lamborghini has integrated a brilliant Amazon Alexa In-Car Control system in its supercars, vehicles that aren't known for their infotainment tech. Toyota's latest move with AT&T should please loyalists and leave the kids smiling.

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