Toyota Introduces Hilux-Based Electric Pickup Truck

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Don't go thinking this is the next Tacoma.

Toyota Thailand unveiled a new electric pickup truck called the Hilux Revo BEV. Sadly, there's almost no information about it. We can make some assumptions, however. It's based on the current Hilux, built for third-world countries. These vehicles are used for farming, mining, and all sorts of tough jobs, so a dual-motor setup is necessary.

Toyota loves dropping little clues about future products without giving almost any information about them. The Japanese automaker showed off 16 electric concept vehicles last year, including what appeared to be a Tacoma EV, but didn't share any details about when to expect them. However, we do have it on good authority that we shouldn't expect any electric pickups in the USA anytime soon.

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Thailand is one of the biggest truck markets in the world, and the Hilux is among the top sellers there. As you can see, the truck is a single-cab design, which almost immediately rules it out for a North American audience.

No details were provided, but TMC President Akio Toyoda says the concept is meant to "support carbon neutrality and a better environment for all."

Alongside the Hilux, Toyota also showed off a second truck called the IMV 0 Concept. IMV stands for Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle, a platform designed to accommodate affordable trucks, vans, and cars for markets like Thailand.

"I truly believe this is a product that can enhance the quality of life for many people and provide new economic opportunities," said Toyoda.

Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota

"We believe in building cars to serve the real-life needs of our customers. That is why our IMV 0 team spent many months in the field, observing the lifestyles and needs of our potential owners," Toyoda explained. "It's also why Toyota does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to our products or our powertrains. In fact, I am often criticized in the press because I won't declare that the automotive industry should commit 100% to BEV. I believe we need to be realistic about when society will be able to fully adopt Battery Electric Vehicles and when our infrastructure can support them at scale."

Toyota's hesitant stance towards EVs might explain why so few assets are available for the Hilux BEV. It might not even be a functional prototype, considering some of the Hilux's most significant markets have little to no EV charging infrastructure.

On stage at the event, Toyota also showed off GR-Yaris and Corolla Cross hydrogen-powered concept cars, but as with the others, there is no further information.

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