Toyota is Actually Going to Build the i-Road Trike

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Stranger things have happened.

Last March at Geneva, Toyota unveiled its i-Road EV concept. It looked kind of funny, but the Japanese automaker was stressing the fact that this all-electric "personal mobility" vehicle was a new form of transportation that offered greater flexibility in the urban environment. Powered by two electric motors mounted within the front wheels that get their juice from a lithium-ion battery, the i-Road tips the scales at just 661 lbs. without any occupants or other cargo.

Top sped is only 28 mph, but it can carry up to two passengers and has a 30-mile driving range. A complete recharge takes three hours. It also has something Toyota calls Active Lean technology, a system that leans into corners in order to achieve ideal balance and maneuverability. In other words, the driver doesn't need to stabilize the thing themselves during low speed maneuvers. Sound interesting to you? Just aching to get one? We didn't think so, but in case you do you'll have to move to Japan. There are no plans to bring this electric trike outside of its native land – for now.

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