Toyota is Helping BMW With the Next Z4

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And it looks as though it's going to be a carbon fiber rich, plug-in hybrid.

The sports car partnership between BMW and Toyota is just getting underway, but the FT-1 Concept the latter revealed at Detroit is not a product of that. Rumored to be a preview of a new Supra, a Toyota source has informed Australian publication Motoring that "BMW is not involved in the new Supra…what I can say is that Toyota is involved in the development of the all-new BMW Z4." Last year the two automakers were discussing the new Z4's potential regarding engines and construction.


This source goes on to add that the front-engined coupe/convertible will feature a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, which was expected, but there's a bit of an unexpected surprise: it will also utilize the same lightweight construction techniques as the BMW i3 and i8. That means there's going to be a whole lot of carbon fiber and aluminum throughout. Powertrain wise, it'll more than likely be powered by a BMW engine that will be paired to a Toyota-supplied plug-in hybrid system. Obviously both BMW and Toyota will have a version of the car that'll feature each brand's own styling. More importantly, this project will help bring in a new era of markedly cheaper carbon fiber construction.

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