Toyota Is Intentionally Delaying The 86

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But it's for a good reason.

By now, you've seen the updated and all-around better BRZ from Subaru, and like its predecessor, Toyota has had some input on the car. The BRZ and its Toyota 86 twin were designed from the outset to be near carbon copies of each other, and this collaboration certainly made the entire exercise easier to achieve and more affordable for both parties. So why is it that the new 86 wasn't revealed alongside the BRZ? It seems that Toyota is doing things slightly differently this time around, trying to put its own spin on the sports coupe.

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We've already seen the 86's new bumper design, and it's not a massive deviation from that of the refreshed BRZ, but it seems that the rest of the changes over the BRZ will be more substantial. According to Japanese car site Best Car Web, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has told his development team to "aim to differentiate performance from the BRZ." It seems that Toyoda wants this 86 to be faster and handle differently than the Subaru version, although the 2.4-liter flat-four found in the new BRZ is expected to carry over. Rumors suggest, therefore, that the changes will be in the way the engine is tuned and the gearing of the transmission so that acceleration is quicker. Supposedly, the ride will be altered too, but all of this may have pushed the release date back to next year.

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Sadly, further details are not forthcoming, but as you can imagine, this changed stance from Toyoda has made things difficult for the development team responsible for producing the 86. Meanwhile, the BRZ has already been revealed and is starting to make waves with rumors of an STI version. Toyota needs to get its act together, and quickly, or we could see a repeat of what happened with the Lexus LFA, albeit on a smaller scale. When that car finally arrived on the market, it was brilliant but late and became too expensive for most wallets. If the 86 goes the same way and its cost is inflated, then the whole reason for its existence (to have a fun, affordable sportscar) becomes an epic fail.

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Source Credits: Best Car Web

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