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Toyota Is On A Massive Product Offensive

2018 LA Auto Show / 8 Comments

And they aren’t just focusing on SUVs either.

Toyota's current range of offerings spans everything from subcompact hatchbacks to fuel cell sedans, minivans up to full-sized trucks. In total there are over twenty body styles to choose from and unlike some US rivals, they are in no hurry to start trimming the range.

"In the next 36 months, we will have 19 all-new, minor change or major change vehicles, not including special editions," Jack Hollis, Group VP and GM of the Toyota Division at Toyota Motor North America, told AutoGuide at the LA Auto Show.

That is a refreshing change from the recent news of major manufacturers downsizing their model ranges to just a handful of vehicles. Hollis went on to say that Toyota is committed to giving its customers a broad range of options and he did not feel that shifting focus in and out of segments was a good move.

The SUV range would of course not be left out of this 19-model update and Hollis said, "Just like we've redone Camry, then Avalon, then Corolla and Prius, the same kind of thoughts will be coming as you look at all of our SUVs,".

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With such a vast model range there is still a lot of updating to be done, the Highlander, 4Runner and Sequoia as well as the Tundra and Tacoma could all do with a refresh, and smaller models like the long-running 86 are just about due for replacement.

As we reported earlier, Toyota also wants to see just about every model be offered with TRD packages and many will also come with AWD as an option. Time will tell whether the buying public prefers this level of choice or the more focused approach that Ford and, latterly, GM have adopted.