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Be Careful If Own One Of These Toyota Trucks

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Recall announced that's potentially pretty serious.

Do you drive a late-model Toyota truck? Not a crossover, but an actual body-on-frame truck. Well listen up, because yours could be subject to a recall, and it could be vital.

The Japanese automaker has issued recall notices for two of its most rough-and-tumble workhorses: the Land Cruiser sport-ute and the Tacoma pickup. In the case of the former, there's a problem with the airbags. In the latter, the brakes. And both are apparently safety issues serious enough to warrant recalling a total of 133,700 trucks across the United States in the coming months.

The problem in the Land Cruiser is with system that's supposed to evaluate whether or not to activate the airbags for the front passenger. Apparently the sensor could degrade over time, causing a warning light and "airbag off" indicator to light up, while disabling the frontal, knee, and seat-mounted side airbags to deactivate. That could leave passengers insufficiently protected in the event of a crash, so Toyota's recalling 89,700 of them – including both the Land Cruiser and its glitzed-up, rebadged Lexus LX 570 counterpart – from the 2008-2019 model years.

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Smaller in scope but potentially more serious is the parallel recall being issued for the Tacoma. This one only affects 44,000 vehicles, all from the 2018 and 2019 model years. The issue here is with a seal in the master brake cylinder, which may leak fluid and leave the brakes functioning with less power than they're supposed to.

Toyota's planning to replace those problematic brake cylinders on affected Tacomas starting later next month. It's still working on a fix for the issue plaguing the Land Cruiser and LX 570, but it hopes to have that sorted by the middle of February.