Toyota Just Built This Crazy Concept For No Reason

And that's why it's awesome.

The Tokyo Auto Show is always full of wacky concepts. And that’s why we love it. The biggest shocker so far for the upcoming 2015 show is this bizarre Kikai concept courtesy of Toyota that apparently blends hot roddding and city cars like never before. With the cars innards turned inside out, the carmaker says it “takes the machinery, normally hidden beneath the body, and makes an open display of its beauty.” What an awesome idea.

The three-seater also has a bit of dune buggy in there, while the concept’s cabin has a center driving position, two seats behind, four freestanding gauges on the dainty little dash, and the best, most pointless touch of all, the front suspension can be seen through openings in the footwells. There is absolutely no point to this car, and that’s why the Kikai is kick ass.

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