Toyota Launches Factory Restoration Program For 86 Models That Qualify As Classics

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Is 10 years enough to be considered a classic?

The Toyota GR86 has been around for over a decade, and some of the earliest models are now eligible for factory restoration in Japan.

Toyota's original GT 86, originally sold as the Scion in the USA, has proven to be one of Toyota's most popular sports cars in decades and is massively popular in the aftermarket scene. These cars pay tribute to the original AE86, another legendary Toyota sports car also receiving some highly deserved attention from Toyota.

The new 86Re:Project is a factory restoration program that takes older 86 models and restores them to their former glory, and in typical Toyota fashion, no stone is left unturned.

2017-2018 Toyota 86 Three Quarter Front Left Side View Toyota

First-gen GT 86 owners in Japan can expect a comprehensive restoration with the new 86Re:Project program.

All vehicles entering the Toyota workshop undergo a full suspension inspection, and any worn parts, such as bushings or shocks, get replaced if there are any signs of wear and tear. Components such as wheel bearings and brake rotors are also inspected and replaced if necessary.

After that, the powertrain gets a proper inspection. In a YouTube video posted by Toyota, we can see engineers cleaning carbon buildup on the valves, and all ports get a thorough wash. After the inspection and replacement of parts, each 86 gets tested on a private race track to ensure it lives up to Toyota's high standards.

2017-2018 Toyota 86 Rear View Toyota

The price for one of these restorations has yet to be revealed, but we don't expect it to be cheap, as it's the OEM manufacturer doing all the work. Every restoration will also be different and may require different parts and processes, drastically affecting the overall cost.

Currently, the restoration process takes place at the GR Garage Fukuroi in the Shizuoka Prefecture, but Toyota claims that more dealerships across the country will soon be able to offer this service.

This tradition of restoring contemporary models is familiar in Japan. Nissan's Nismo department offers similar services for its GT-R models. We hope and pray that Toyota brings this service to the USA, as we probably need it more than the fastidious car lovers in Japan.

2017-2018 Toyota 86 Dashboard Toyota

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2017-2018 Toyota 86 Three Quarter Front Left Side View
2017-2018 Toyota 86 Dashboard
2017-2018 Toyota 86 Rear View

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