Toyota Likely to Pay $1Billion for Unintended Acceleration

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Deceiving a national government isn't exactly good business.

It's been some time since we've heard any updates regarding that whole Toyota unintended acceleration debacle. The reason being is that the US government was conducting a major investigation as to what caused Toyota vehicles to not stop when commanded to do so. According to sources at the Wall Street Journal, an agreement is in the final phase of taking shape which will likely see Toyota pay $1 billion to the federal government without admitting guilt.

These sources also claim that as long as Toyota agrees to pay the designated amount, it will avoid criminal charges. Apparently Toyota "made false or incomplete disclosures" to government agencies in regards to potentially defective cars. So far, Toyota has already paid $66.2 million to the NHTSA because it didn't inform the safety agency early enough about the unintended acceleration hazards. Toyota has also agreed to settle yet another lawsuit filed by owners to the tune of another $1 billion due to falling vehicle values.

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