Toyota May Finally Be Answering Our Calls For A Faster FR-S/BRZ

Will the automaker finally man up?

The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ are some of the greatest sportscar on the market today, but enthusiasts have been begging the automakers forone simple thing: more power. After years of waiting for a faster model, itlooks like Toyota has heard the cries and is planning a hardcore version of thesports car. According to a report by AutoGuide, Toyota has filed a patent that hintsat an upcoming Subaru STI Performance Concept. The patent was filedin Japan and was approved earlier this month with Subaru as the creator.

While the patent won’t get your blood flowing, the drawings ofthe upcoming concept sure will. Interestingly, the drawings are an exactreplica of the Subaru STI Performance Concept that we saw earlier this year atthe New York Motor Show. The concept sported various cosmetic changes over thestock model, but the thing that we really fell in love with was the increased performance,which was at a claimed 450 hp. Since the STI Performance Concept featured avariety of performance components from Subaru, there’s no word on whether Toyotawould build a performance variant of the FR-S using the same parts. We don’t want to get too excited, but it lookslike a faster BRZ may actually be in the works.

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