Toyota Me.We Thinks Out of the Box


Odd name aside, Toyota's new Me.We Concept offers an interesting dose of lightweight materials combined with intelligent use of interior space.

Toyota has just unveiled photos and details regarding what it calls the Me.We Concept. Yes, that’s seriously its name. The vehicle’s design comes from the imagination of drawing board of Jean-Marie Massaud, who’s been working with the Japanese automaker since 2011. Following hot on the heels of the Renault Twin'Z concept designed by Ross Lovegrove, Massaud and Toyota defined three primary aims for the Me.We concept: Pertinence, Synthesis and Modernity.

The fundamental idea, according to Toyota, was not to reinvent the car, but to take a simpler approach in increasing "capability, quality and pleasure." The Me.We is constructed from a tubular aluminum structure that’s fitted with light and hard-wearing polypropylene panels that are made via a cost-efficient production method and are also easy to personalize. Power comes from in-wheel electric motors at each corner with the batteries located under the floor. To help keep weight down, the floor and horizontal surfaces are made of bamboo. As a result, the Me.We weighs just 1,653 lbs - 20% less than a conventional supermini.

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Other interesting features include a fold-out weatherproof neoprene luggage cover for the roof that preserves cabin space and a rear bench mounted on floor rails that can be folded and stowed beneath the front seats or removed altogether.

Toyota claims the vehicle can be a convertible, small city car, off-roader and pick-up, the latter two being possible thanks to its all-wheel traction. The Me.We Concept is an interesting design, but perhaps more important are the creative solutions it encompasses.