Toyota Might Just Have Confirmed A New MR2

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Or maybe we're just seeing what we want to see.

Toyota has given enthusiasts a lot to be happy about in recent times. A new GR86 arrived, the Supra finally received a manual gearbox, and the mighty GR Corolla is on the way to challenge the Honda Civic Type R. However, what Toyota doesn't have in its lineup is a sporty drop-top - or a convertible of any kind, for that matter. It was a role played by the MR2 Spyder, and for some time now, rumors about the return of the roadster have been floating around. Last year, there were even rumors that the Japanese automaker approached Porsche as a technical partner for the next MR2, and another one suggested Suzuki would help it revive the MR2. Now, a mysterious page on Toyota Australia's website has us wondering about the MR2's return once more.


Under Service Information and Repair Manuals, there is a listing for an MR2 New Air-Conditioner Kit. Dated June 24, 2022, an attempt to view the bulletin for the listing leads to an error 404 message. It seems odd for this listing to pop up now considering that the MR2 went out of production in 2007, but it does nothing to dilute the many rumors that a new MR2 could be on the way. Also, this section of the Toyota site doesn't ordinarily contain information for older Toyota models, and surely that would include prior iterations of the MR2. That would also put to rest the other logical conclusion that Toyota is listing parts for second-hand MR2s.

Toyota Australia

Whether all of this means that the MR2 will make a comeback or not is anyone's guess, but we'd love to see it. The mid-engined MR2 was a fantastically uncomplicated sports car and handled brilliantly thanks to its mid-engined layout. A new one wouldn't need any more power than the latest GR86's 228 horsepower if Toyota can keep the weight down. Sadly, small roadsters like the MR2 and current MX-5 simply aren't that common. The MX-5's one proper rival, the Fiat 124 Spider, has also been discontinued. But that never had the brand appeal of the MR2 in the USA. We hope the MR2 gets one more lifeline before electrification takes over.

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