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Toyota MR2 Crushed On TV Show Angers Fans

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If only they used a Camry instead.

Something like this was bound to happen because it's 'Mythbusters'. Well, to be more precise it's 'Mythbusters, Jr.', the new teen-focused series that premiered in early January on the Science Channel. The show sees long-time 'Mythbusters' host Adam Savage team up with teenage co-hosts to perform less dangerous versions of many of the original show's typically crazy experiments.

And now one of those new experiments is causing something of an uproar on the new show's Facebook page because a first-generation Toyota MR2 coupe was crushed. It's painful to watch.

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Launched back in 1984, the first-gen MR2 has developed a deeply loyal following and we've recently seen some well cared for examples fetch decent sums of cash. Along with its wedge-like design, the original MR2's mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive setup gave it that ideal sports car feel and, later in its lifecycle, a supercharged version of its 1.6-liter four-cylinder became available. The MR2 was sort of the everyman's Porsche and it rightly deserved all of the respect and praise bestowed upon it. And then 'Mythbusters, Jr.' goes and crushes one of them as part of some gigantic domino dropping experiment.

If you get a moment, we highly recommend checking out the show's Facebook page where around 800 not so friendly comments have accumulated.

Commenters are mainly wondering why, of all cars new and old out there, did the show's producers choose an original MR2? Okay, so it doesn't exactly carry the same status of many other classics out there, but so what? An MR2 is not, say, a Plymouth PT Cruiser or a Toyota Camry. There are tons of other old small cars out there in junkyards with bodies still intact that could have been used instead as well. So why the MR2?

It was probably the result of nothing more than a non-gearhead producer who found the first old car they could find. Even if the MR2 wasn't running there are still plenty of parts out there to get in tip-top shape. But what's done is done, sadly.