Toyota Pays Homage To 'Initial D' With A New GT86 Concept

Fans of manga will fall in love with this concept.

If you aren't familiar with Initial D, here is a bit of a rundown. Initial D started as a manga comic series in Japan and was later turned into an anime. The main character, Takumi Fujiwara, drove a modified Toyota AE86 while working as a delivery driver for his father's tofu shop. Fujiwara would also hone his drifting skills on the legendary mountain roads of Japan. To pay homage to the AE86, Toyota commissioned manga artist Sonia Leong to put the new GT86 into a bunch of Initial D-inspired scenes. And that's not all that Toyota did.

In addition to the pictures, Toyota UK's special projects department has built the GT86 Initial D concept. The concept copies the original car's livery and uses new versions of the same JDM modifications. These modifications include custom-made RS Watanabe alloy wheels, TRD suspension, a Fujitsubo exhaust, Cusco strut brace, and a carbon hood.The car even has yellow fog lights and a silver engine cover that pays homage to the 20-valve ‘Silver Top’ 4A-GE engine that was installed late in the series. We have actually grown a bit tired of seeing special edition versions of the GT86, but this concept might just be our favorite one so far.

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