Toyota Planning Two New RWD Sports Cars?

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Could a new MR2 be on its way? Let the rumors begin.

Despite conflicting reports regarding the future of both a turbo and convertible Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86, there have also been seemingly endless rumors of a new Supra joining the lineup in the not so distant future. And just to get us a bit more anxious for a reborn Supra, a new report (or rumor?) has surfaced that Toyota not only intends to build a new Supra, but it also wants a smaller RWD coupe slotted below the GT86.

According to the GT86's chief engineer, Tatsuya Tada, none other than Akio Toyoda himself "always says (that) there should be three sports car brothers. 86 is in the middle." Clearly, the oldest brother he's referring to is the Supra (or a car with a different name but of a similar performance level). What Tada isn't directly naming, however, is that younger brother. Theoretically, that could turn out to be an MR2/Celica successor. Despite not naming names, Tada clarified any new sports car(s) will be "rear-wheel drive and that's Toyota's strong position – Toyota sports cars must be RWD."

If a new Supra is on its way, then it'll more than likely be co-developed with BMW on that previously announced joint venture sports car project. Regarding a new MR2/Celica, it's anybody's guess as to whom Toyota may partner up with. Remember, the GT86/FR-S was developed with Subaru, so don't be shocked to see Toyota find another interested party who's also interested in having a small sports car.

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