Toyota Plots 250-Hp 2.5-L Four-Pot for GT86

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Turbocharged and hybrid variants are also being considered for the next-gen model.

A much-needed power boost is on the way for the GT86 with chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, admitting to the Sydney Morning Herald the refreshed model slated for 2015 will come with increased performance. Prototypes of the GT86 currently being tested include a turbocharged variant, a hybrid, and one with bigger displacement. "All possibilities are being considered." As the most cost-effective, inside sources say expanding the 2.0-liter boxer engine to 2.5 liters is the most likely option, which would increase output to over 250 hp.

However the other all alternatives could find their way onto the next-generation GT86. Tada further confirmed the concept of a "radically different" successor is under development. Toyota's first turbocharged four-pot in almost 20 years will also be revealed in Lexus' upcoming compact SUV, dubbed the NX, at November's Tokyo Motor Show in concept form.

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