Toyota Prepping Unexpected Surprise For BMW

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New technologies create all kinds of possibilities.

Toyota recently reaffirmed its commitment to internal combustion engines for the foreseeable future yet significant resources are still being put towards new all-electric models. The first pure battery-electric will be the 2022 Toyota bZ4X crossover, sister ship to the also just-announced Subaru Solterra. But there are two other critical things to know: the "bZ" moniker will be applied to additional Toyota EVs and the vehicle's dedicated platform, called e-TNGA, will serve as the basis for those future models.

According to a report coming from Japan's Spyder7, one of those vehicles is an all-electric BMW-fighting Toyota sedan. Details are not very specific at this time, but the report claims this new "bZ" model will be the second in the series and could be as big as the BMW 5 Series.

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It'll have a four-door coupe body style and a number of bZ4X exterior design elements, such as the unique "one-stroke" headlight styling, will be carried over. In general, expect sporty styling emphasizing Toyota's commitment to "emotional" cars. And because it shares its bones with the crossover, this still unnamed sedan will receive new technologies such as an all-wheel drive system, regenerative braking, and possibly solar charging designed to charge the vehicle even at a standstill. It doesn't appear Subaru is planning its own EV sedan at this time; a fully electrified Outback-like wagon is likely to arrive before anything else.

Assuming Toyota is indeed pursuing an all-electric sedan, it's not expected to debut until after the bZ4X has had its time in the limelight, meaning 2023 at the earliest.

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But unlike the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell sedan, the new sedan will be sold in all 50 US states, not just California. In fact, it'll be a global model just like the bZ4X. Lexus will begin launching its own e-TNGA-based EVs sooner or later but it remains unclear when a sedan will arrive. Like Toyota, a crossover is slated to arrive first because that's what the market demands.

By 2025, Toyota has committed to launching 15 battery-electric models, seven of which will be Toyota bZ models. Official bZ4X details, like battery size and range, haven't been announced yet, and it's likely the bZ sedan will have similar specs.

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Source Credits: Spyder7

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