Toyota President Is the Coolest Automaker CEO Alive

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When people say "like a boss", they're talking about him.

Back in school, there was probably a few times when you had to deal with that kid who wrecked the grading curve. Living proof that the material you were studying wasn't impossible, you just weren't getting it. This must be the view that the presidents of competing automobile companies have of Akio Toyoda, the president and grandson of the founder of Toyota. Toyoda, who is also an amateur racing driver, has Toyota bringing in the highest profit return of any car company.

These high profits include a 28 percent increase in the last year, all coming off the back of a tsunami, an economic meltdown and a recall-fueled PR nightmare. But what really ruins it for everyone else is that Toyoda is paid the least of any CEO of a major automaker, at about one-tenth of what some of his counterparts make. Alan Mulally, president of Ford, for example, makes $21 million a year, while VW CEO Martin Winterkorn makes around $19 million. Toyoda makes about $2 million, still a lot, but also a lot less than others. That's just plain cool. Then again we are talking about the guy who likes BMWs because they are the only cars that pass him on the Ring.

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