Toyota Prius Police Cars Arrive in Berlin


Ze Germans are blitzing bad guys in Berlin with Prii.

The most fearsome German fleet since the Luftwaffe? Probably not, but ne'er-do-wells take notice as the Berlin police force has just received their first shipment of Toyota Prius police cars. The 11-strong fleet of Prii are part of Berlin's "Initiative 120." The initiative calls for the Berlin Police force to reduce its carbon footprint and be more environmentally responsible. The police also drive Opel Amperas, Renault Fluences, Mitsubishi iMiEVs and Kangoo Zero Emission cars.

The "120" refers to keeping emissions down to a fleet-wide 120g/km. Kudos to ze Germans for going green. That can only mean more leeway for all those gas-guzzling supercars tearing up the Autobahn.

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