Toyota Prius Race Car Catches Fire, Lutz and the Volt Share a Laugh

The Prius GT300 racer caught fire during testing for the 2012 Super GT season.

The Chevrolet Volt has had some trouble with fires as of late (don't tell Bob Lutz!), and apparently trouble loves company. The Toyota Prius GT300 race car was running some tests on the Okyama circuit when it caught fire over the past weekend.

The Toyota Prius GT300 racer is a hybrid with about 300hp keeping it in line with GT300 regulations. Racing team APR says that the damage was caused by a faulty fuel line, allowing fuel to leak into the exhaust and catch fire. It appears then that the hybrid is off the hook for any systematic failures. The team says that there was minimal damage to the racer, so we expect it to be back on the track and ready to roll for the first race of the 2012 Super GT season in Okyama, Japan.

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