Toyota Prius Tuner Cars on Display at the Tokyo Auto Salon

2012 Tokyo Auto Salon / 57 Comments

The Japanese automobile aftermarket is turning their attention to hybrid models, with the Prius the model of choice.

The Japanese 'ricing' culture is as strong as ever, and as hybrids become more popular we are bound to start seeing more and more modified hybrids roaming the streets of Tokyo and beyond. At the Tokyo Auto Salon this year there was a decent mix of Prius models boasting big wheels and crazy body kits; with the DAD Prius v busting oversized wheels with Swarovski crystals at one end of the spectrum and the mean looking Lumiere Prius Hybrid Interceptor police car at the other.

In between there were a smattering of conventional Prius models taken on by aftermarket specialists such as the Avant Prius, Tommy Kaira Prius and the Prius by Euro Labs Design, as well as the Prius c by Modellista.

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