Toyota Proves That It Can Be Interesting With This 86 Commercial


Yes, Toyota does know how to sell a sports car.

In February, at least in the US, car commercials become a pretty big topic of conversation at the water cooler, even outside of the CarBuzz office. This is because the Super Bowl is one of the most watched events of the year, and everyone is glued to the TV to see all of the new commercials, in addition to the game itself. No doubt there'll be plenty of car commercials, like the Buick Cascada commercial with Cam Newton, but we thought that we should pay attention to a new commercial that Toyota has released for its 86 (formerly Scion FR-S) sports car.

We aren't sure if this commercial will actually air during the game as of this writing, but it is, nonetheless, a very good advertisement for the 86. Most Toyota commercials are a bit boring, like its cars. It's hard to make the Prius interesting, although Toyota has pulled it off in the past, but it can make a decent car commercial after all.

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This Toyota 86 commercial starts off with a simple three-step guide to making your girlfriend happy. It jokingly recommends that you send her away to a spa, and let her know that you're going to get in touch with your feelings by driving your 86 through some windy roads. The ad ends with the line that "The 86 is not for everyone," but asks "is it for you?" We think this was the perfect way to sell a sports car, by showing that it may not be the most practical car in the automaker's lineup, but that it's still worth buying for the enjoyment of driving.