Toyota Public Sports Concept Is The GT86 Of The Autonomous Future

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It's nice to know that drivers can still have fun in an era where autonomous cars will be the rule, not the exception.

Nubuhiko Honda is a rendering artist from Pasadena, California with an unflinching eye on the future-a knowledge gained by not being in denial about some of the inevitable changes the next few decades will bring-who instead remains focused on how to catch that wave of change at the right angle so something good comes out of it. Their latest venture centers around Generation Z, a hopeless folk who, by all predictions, will grow up in a joyless world ruled by autonomy.

The automobile brings people like us together, but what's Generation Z, born between 1990-2010, supposed to do for fun in a future where cars all drive themselves? According to Honda, they're supposed to drive this, a cheap Toyota sports car smaller than the GT86 that could very well be a stand in for a go-kart. It's called the Toyota Public Sports Concept and it looks appealing despite its attempt at aggression that comes out cutesy at best. Designed for a generation that values car sharing over ownership, this spritely EV is built to trade hands often in order to provide thrills to as many people as possible without damaging their bank accounts. It's powered by a floor-mounted battery pack that sends juice to the rear wheels.

To allow occupants to get the dynamic track experience, the design places a strong emphasis on driver placement. With short front and rear overhangs, the vehicle's small footprint is maximized. Ingress and egress is made easy by a coupe lid that opens completely and closes around the driver. To give aspiring racers the experience of driving around in a car that others can admire, Honda was sure to make it look classical, adding retro styling to the futuristic package so it looks like a cross between a 1960s Corolla and an AMC Gremlin. We like the Toyota Public Sports Concept because it's a wonderful way to preserve the cheap Toyota sports car for a generation that may otherwise miss out on all the fun of driving.

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