Toyota Publicly Shows its Awesome Toy Collection

A 75th anniversary display of a huge design study collection.

A lot of gearheads like to collect model cars. It’s a good and inexpensive way to have an extra car-related hobby. But chances are your collection pales in comparison to the one owned by Toyota. The Japanese automotive giant’s collection is comprised of 1:5 scale models, all of which are hand built and used as design studies over the years. Some of them are of real cars, and some never made it to production, but they’re all exquisite.

The models are normally not on display, and are kept far from the public eye at Toyota’s Design Center, although a small number are sometimes displayed in various Toyota offices. But as part of Toyota’s celebration of its 75th anniversary, the cars were shipped from the design center and put on display to the public for the first time. The rather large scale of the models allows for an incredible level of detail, and as they’ve never been outside and exposed to the elements, they have held up quite well over time. And all with original paint and matching numbers, no less.

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