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Toyota Racecar Concept Previews Supra’s Return To The Track

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The Toyota Supra will compete in the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship next year.

While we're counting down the days until the debut of the production 2020 Supra next week, Toyota has unveiled yet another Supra concept. Debuting at the Tokyo Auto Salon is the GR Supra Super GT concept, which previews the high-performance Supra racecar that will compete in Japan's GT 500 class next year, where it will replace the current Lexus LC racer.

Toyota Gazoo Racing hasn't provided many details about the concept, but the design closely resembles the road-going model that will be unveiled next week.

To differentiate it from the road car, the GR Supra Super GT concept features several modifications to enhance its performance on the track, including a front splitter and canards below headlights similar to those used on the production model.

The concept has also been fitted with large vents on the front fenders, aerodynamic mirrors and center-locking wheels wrapped in Bridgestone tires, along with massive side skirts, and a massive rear wing. Inside, the concept also appears to have a HANS-compatible racing seat and a roll cage. No specifications were revealed, but the road-going model is expected to be powered by a BMW-sourced, 3.0-liter inline-six engine that produces 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.

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In Japan, the Supra competed in the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship for 12 years and secured four championships. Toyota Gazoo Racing says it "intends to further refine the vehicle and contribute to the creation of ever-better cars."

It's already been confirmed the Supra will spawn a hot GRMN variant in the future, while Gazoo Racing's halo car will be the production version of the 980-hp GR Super Sport.