Toyota RAV4 Gets Brilliant Lamborghini Urus Body Kit

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A Japanese tuner was clearly inspired by the super SUV.

The Toyota RAV4 moved close to half a million units in the United States last year, proving that the allure of the compact crossover is truly alive and well. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Lamborghini sold less than 5,000 Urus models in 2019 - globally - hardly a surprise since the super SUV carries a price tag of over $200,000. You'd think, then, that the humble RAV4 and the exotic Urus would rarely form part of the same conversation. You'd be wrong, though.

A Japan-based tuning company called Albermo thinks that the two SUVs are a perfect match, so much so that they've created what's called the XR51 body kit for the current RAV4. As you can see, the outrageous kit gives the Toyota crossover a Urus-esque face.


Ditching the RAV4's original grille entirely, the XR51 kit adds a new front bumper, front parking sensors, and gaping front air intakes. The RAV4's original headlights have been maintained, and we'll admit that for the first time, we can notice their similarity to the Urus' headlights - it's a resemblance that nobody thought to search for, until now. It appears that most of the changes are focused on the front end, as the rest of the RAV4 appears pretty much untouched.

While we appreciate Albermo's ambition, we have to say that the end result is rather garish and will probably find as much favor as the Pontiac Fiero that thought it was a Porsche 911.


But everyone has different tastes, and for customers who fancy the idea of a Urus wannabe, the bumper on its own will cost the equivalent of around $1,300. The entire kit - including side skirts, a roof-mounted spoiler, and a different lower apron - will cost about $2,250.

Cheekily, Albermo also affixed its logo to the RAV4's mauled nose, a logo that just happens to be the same shape as the famous Lamborghini bull. Few are likely to be fooled, but we always appreciate the weird and wacky creations of automotive tuners from around the globe, and the RAV4 XR51 falls firmly into that category.

2019-2020 Toyota RAV4 Side View Toyota
2019-2020 Toyota RAV4 Three Quarter Front Left Side View Toyota
2019-2020 Toyota RAV4 Three Quarter Rear Right Side View Toyota
Source Credits: Albermo

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