Toyota RAV4 Prime Travels More Than 1,200 Miles On Electric Power Without Stopping To Charge

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Electreon drove the plug-in hybrid for more than 100 hours on a road with wireless charging capabilities.

Electreon, an Israeli firm that wants to make electric vehicles even more sustainable, has reportedly set a world record for the longest EV journey ever without charging. How did the company achieve this, you ask? By way of wireless charging technology, of course.

55 individuals were tasked with driving a Toyota RAV4 Prime for more than 100 hours, using nothing but the EV mode. The plug-in hybrid has an 18.1-kWh battery that provides 42 miles of all-electric range. However, in the hands of Electreon test drivers, the electrified crossover traveled an incredible 1,207 miles without stopping to charge.

The firm conducted the experiment to demonstrate wireless charging capabilities via roads. The RAV4 Prime was driven for 100 hours, 24 minutes, and 15 seconds.


During that time, the wireless charging road transferred 241.69 kWh of energy to the vehicle, negating the need for the ICE engine or a charging break. The RAV4 Prime saved a whopping 823 pounds of CO2 emissions compared to a regular combustion-engined vehicle.

Aside from the apparent benefits, the experiment has highlighted several interesting topics. Even though the RAV4 Prime has a relatively small battery, it could still travel great distances due to the unique wireless charging setup. If this technology had to reach our roads, manufacturers wouldn't have to equip their vehicles with heavy and wasteful batteries.

This would not only make EVs lighter but more affordable too. Of course, wireless charging roads would have to be adopted universally for this to work, but it's a promising trade-off.


Electreon is no stranger to the wireless charging field. Earlier this year, the company partnered with Germany's EnBW to trial wireless charging for an electric bus on a dedicated road. This technology will reportedly hop across the Atlantic; wireless on-road EV charging will soon reach Michigan.

It sounds like the stuff of a science fiction novel, but it's a relatively simple idea. Copper coils under the road transfer energy via magnetic resonance, which is then sent to the vehicle via a receiver on the EV. This should be able to work on any electric car, whether it's a Tesla Model S or an electric truck or bus.

This technology will soon roll out in Sweden, which currently ha a wireless road there called "Smartroad Gotland." The wireless charging will be placed on route E20, which forms part of the United Nations International E-Road network. There are plans to expand the road to cover more than 1,800 miles. Electreon is one of the companies bidding to use its technology on the road and is waiting to see who Sweden selects for the project.


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