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Toyota Reaches Yet Another Hybrid Milestone

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Japanese carmaker can't sell them quick enough.

The move towards hybrids and electric vehicles has gathered a lot of momentum in recent years but one of the first motor companies to venture into this space was Toyota. Hybrid technology was introduced into Europe by Toyota back in 2000 and within 18-years the Japanese carmaker has managed to reach the impressive milestone of 2 million cars sold.

The 2 millionth car, a Toyota C-HR Hybrid, was handed over to Ms. Magdalena Sobolewska-Bereza at a dealership in Warsaw, Poland, by the branch's General Manager.

She was also given free fuel for a year, not at once of course, but in the form of a redeemable fuel card. Ironically, if the C-HR Hybrid, which is the best-selling Toyota hybrid in Europe, is as fuel efficient as it claims to be then the gift won't be worth all that much.

While this is a major milestone for Toyota, with its aim to reduce emissions by 90% by 2050, it has already made great strides since the very first Prius hybrids rolled off the production line back in 1997. Globally, the company has sold over 12-million hybrid models and now offers 34 different hybrid vehicles in more than 90 countries around the world.

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The best-selling hybrid in the US today is the Toyota Prius Liftback while the RAV4 is the most popular hybrid crossover and third overall. At the expense of going the turbocharged petrol or diesel route, Toyota has spent a large part of its development budget on hybrid, electric and fuel cell technologies.

While a few years ago this might have seemed like a risky move, the automotive landscape is quickly changing and the move towards partial and complete drivetrain electrification has most manufacturers following in Toyota's footsteps. While the first million hybrid sales took Toyota 10 years to achieve, the last million was achieved in a mere 8 months. There is no denying that change is definitely in the air.