Toyota Recalls 84,000 Tundra And Lexus NX Models Over Safety Issue

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A software issue should remedy the situation.

Toyota is recalling a combined total of 84,000 Tundra and Lexus NX models over an issue with the electronic parking brake (EPB). According to the automaker, affected 2022 vehicles may be plagued with a software issue that causes the EPB to not engage or disengage as required.

"An EPB that cannot be engaged could be [non-compliant] with a federal safety standard and result in vehicle rollaway, increasing the risk of a crash," reads the recall bulletin. It may sound like a trivial matter, but the potential for a vehicle to wander off and cause damage or injury to others is a rather serious concern.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is yet to release a statement.

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Thankfully, the problem shouldn't prove difficult to remedy. Toyota says the respective dealers will update the ECU software (at no cost to the customer, of course) pertaining to skid control and will notify owners by late October. There's no word yet about which Tundra variants are affected, but the automaker has said the NX250 and NX350 form part of the recall.

Even though both models are fairly new, this isn't the first time either of them has been subjected to recalls. In July, approximately 46,000 Tundras were recalled for an axle shaft separation issue. Over time, the flange nuts on the axle shaft sub-assemblies may loosen and cause one or both to detach from the axle housing.

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The NHTSA also reports the Tundra was recalled for an issue pertaining to a faulty rearview camera. As for the Lexus, 4,000 NX models were recalled over problematic front shock absorbers. According to the automaker, incorrect welding could cause the component to separate from the mounting area.

This latest recall doesn't look good for the automaker, especially as the affected vehicles are still fresh to the respective Toyota and Lexus lineups. Still, we applaud the brand for taking action and issuing a recall. Then again, Lexus maintains a stellar reputation for customer service and owners wouldn't expect anything less than top-class treatment.

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Earlier this year, 252,936 examples of the Ford Explorer had a similar issue to the Tundra and Lexus NX. Even with park gear engaged, there was potential for the popular American SUV to roll away. The problem occurs when the rear axle bolt breaks, which increases the risk of disconnecting the driveshafts. As a result, the rear wheels could suffer from a loss of transmission torque, which is required to hold the vehicle when parked.

In the coming days, we can expect the NHTSA to release an official statement with additional information, such as affected production dates, and specific Tundra models. In the meantime, if you own one of these vehicles, we suggest taking it to your local dealership to rectify the problem, or visit Toyota and Lexus' recall websites to check your specific VIN.

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