Toyota Reveals Mark X Carbon Concept in Tokyo

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Toyota's Japanese sports sedan gets a carbon-fiber roof and some other exterior enhancements to make it even sportier.

While the GT86 may have been the belle of the ball when it came to this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, the car we know as the Scion FR-S wasn't the only Toyota getting attention at the tuner expo. Toyota also took the wraps off this custom Mark X. Now if the Toyota Mark X doesn't ring a bell, you've probably never shopped for a mid-size sports sedan in Japan before. More driver-oriented than the larger Crown series, the current Mark X debuted in 2009 and shares its platform with the previous Lexus GS.

This show car, however, takes things a step further. Called the Toyota Mark X G Sports Carbon Roof Concept, it is distinguished by - you guessed it - a carbon-fiber roof panel, similar to what you might find on a BMW M car.

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We figure the roof panel was probably manufactured at the same facility that was built to make the LFA, but wherever it was made, the carbon roof replaces the steel one in order to reduce weight at the top of the vehicle in order to improve its handling. The 3.5-liter V6 carries over unchanged at 314 horsepower and 251 lb-ft of torque which it drives to the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic. However the G's performance garage seems to have fitted some new wheels and aero components to make the concept look even sportier than the production model.

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