Toyota Rules Out Tacoma Diesel Because The EPA Is Making Things Difficult

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Diesel-powered vehicles are finally gaining some popularity in the US especially in the pickup truck segment. Heck, there could even be a diesel offered in the next-gen Jeep Wrangler (that'd be insanely cool). But today the focus is on the new Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and its future engine lineup. Speaking to Tacoma chief engineer Mike Sweers, AutoGuide reports that despite a diesel engine coming next year to the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, Toyota will pass on an oil burner altogether.

Sweers stated outright that "We will not be offering a diesel engine. We've looked at diesels, and diesel is a difficult topic right now because of the new Tier 3 emission regulations." Set to take effect in 2017, the Tier 3 regulations come directly from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). "The downside to diesel is the emissions has to be certified at the same level as a gas the way to do that is you have to put on an after-treatment system," which could add as much as $3,000 to the Tacoma's price. Sweers sums the situation up pretty well: "If we consider that cost, versus the fuel economy improvement, and the fact that diesel is $1 more per gallon than gasoline, is there a return on the investment?"

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