Toyota's Fine-Comfort Ride Concept Is A Hydrogen-Powered Funky Minibus


And yet Toyota calls it a sedan.

Toyota is calling its Fine-Comfort Ride Concept a sedan, but to us it has a funky minibus thing going on. We dig it. Set to make its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Fine-Comfort Ride Concept is a hydrogen-powered vehicle with seating for six and a total driving range of more than 600 miles on the Japanese test cycle. Described as a "new form of a premium saloon/sedan," the Fine-Comfort Ride Concept features a nifty flexible interior layout that Toyota says is only possible in electric-powered vehicles, with hydrogen being the source of energy.

The cabin, interestingly, is in a diamond shape, therefore making it wider in all areas from the front to the center, before narrowing down towards the rear. This supposedly maximizes space for second row passengers while allowing for a more aerodynamic and efficient design. In-wheel motors enables the wheels to be positioned at the vehicle's far corners, which gives the concept a much stronger overall stance, while an underbody cover helps achieve high running stability and quietness. Up front, there's a touch display arranged around the front seat passengers. Those seats can also be adjusted to accommodate personal postures while the displays provide easy access to information for everyone.

Chances are this won't make production in its current state but remember that Toyota already has a hydrogen fuel cell production car, the Mirai. It wouldn't be impossible for something like the Fine-Comfort Ride Concept to arrive one day using the Mirai's guts.

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