Toyota’s Hydrogen Cars Hitting Showrooms This Year

On sale in Japan for $78,030.

Toyota’s hydrogen fuel-cell cars will become areality sooner than expected, with the first vehicles set to arrive inJapanese showrooms by the end of 2014, beating their original 2015 ETA. Therevolutionary cars will cost buyers eight million yen($78,030), and will be the first to try and prove the company’s previous claimthat the future lies in these cars - rather than in EVs. Japan will be the firstmarket for Toyota HFC vehicles, though talk of a Californian venture is stillon the table.

The hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles will be powered by an electric chargecreated through a chemical reaction born from hydrogen and oxygen. But earlyadapters will be met with very few hydrogen charging stations, with Toyotastill refraining from entering into direct engagement in this area.

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