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Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car Will Be Called...

Hydrogen Car

And no, this doesn't mean the Prius will soon be retired.

Just a few weeks ago, word got out claiming Toyota’s upcoming hydrogen fuel-cell car will hit Japanese showrooms next April. By next summer it’ll be on sale in both Europe and the US. Sounds intriguing, but Toyota still hadn’t announced the revolutionary car’s official name. Today, however, reliable sources are claiming that the car’s name will be Mirai. We’re still waiting for official word from Toyota, but in all likelihood this is the name. It has already been trademarked.

US pricing is expected to begin at $69,000. And here’s another vital fact: US sales will only start off in California. Why? Because, according to Autoguide, that’s where 10 of the 12 hydrogen refueling stations are located for the entire the US. More stations are planned and California specifically has a target of 100 of these by 2024. Toyota claims the Mirai will have a range of about 300 miles and its hydrogen fuel tank can be filled in just three minutes.

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