Toyota's New RND Concept Could Be Something Or Absolutely Nothing Good At All

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Consider us slightly intrigued.

Today, Toyota released a particularly ambiguous teaser image for its upcoming RND Concept that will officially debut next week. Details are scarce but Toyota is claiming the RND will take the "fun-to-drive" qualities of its cars to a higher level. What's more, this concept really won't be a concept; the automaker already admits it'll be unveiled in production-ready form. What's more, Toyota hints that the RND is something of a driver's car that will be accessible to the widest possible market.

Now, the press release only mentioned a UK debut on January 26, so we really don't have a clue as to whether the RND will be a global model. So what is it? The best case is the new Supra. Worst case? Something Prius-like. More realistically, this could be the long-rumored sedan version of the GT86/Scion FR-S. Or perhaps it'll be nothing interesting at all. The answer will come soon.


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