Toyota's "Next Supra" Gets Dressed For Japanese Track Combat

The FT-1 goes all ninja on us and we love it.

AlthoughToyota has only confirmed that its 2014 FT-1 Concept will serve as the design basis and inspiration for the next generation of the Supra, its customers have pretty much beenbegging for it to stay the way it is ever since this show-stopping concept was revealed in 2014. Now, asthe Toyota-BMW collaboration draws closer to completion, it's clear that thenext Supra's toughest opponent will be its homegrown Japanese cousin, the Honda/Acura NSX. And where should this battle take place if not in the Japanese Super GTracing series?

Already ahead of the game, Javier Oquendo Design has dressed the FT-1 ina Super GT coat of arms. Beyond the obvious Castrol Edge livery, Oquendo has virtually equippedthe concept with a massive rear wing, flared wheel arches, massive aftermarket wheels anda new rear diffuser that should keep it very close to the ground. Now that it is in its ninja suit, does this Super GT Supra /FT-1 look ready to take on some serious Japanese racingwars?

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