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Toyota's Partly Cool Concept Lineup for Tokyo

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A taxi, personal mobility vehicle and MPV concepts will be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month.

Toyota is brining five new concepts to the Tokyo Motor Show this month. The FCV Concept has already been explored in detail, and next in the lineup is the FV2, a single-seat urban mobility concept. Designed to demonstrate driving fun, the FV2 is conspicuous by its lack of a driving wheel. Instead, drivers have to shift their body weight to change direction and to move forward and backwards. The FV2 comes packed with cutting-edge tech, including voice and image recognition that determines the driver's mood and suggests where to go.

It can also change exterior color at will and has the ability to detect and connect with other vehicles. The FT-86 Open concept first presented at the Geneva Motor Show will arrive in flash red, giving us another chance to see the GT 86 with an electronically-operated soft top. Toyota will also present the JPN Taxi, a next-gen taxi with large electrically-operated doors, a low, flat floor for easy entrance and exit, and a liquefied petroleum gas hybrid system. Other concepts include Toyota's Voxy and Noah seven-seat MPVs, production versions of which are set to launch next year, while the previously seen i-Road will also be on display.

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