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Toyota's Swagger Wagon Gets Some Extra Swagger

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Nightshade Edition brings the murdered-out look to the Sienna.

Toyota calls its minivan the Swagger Wagon, which might be a bit of a stretch – but then the Sienna is a bit more stylish than most of the other minivans still on the market. And it's just given it a bit more swagger with the release of the new Nightshade Edition.

Similar to the treatments we've already seen applied to the likes of the Camry, Highlander, and 4Runner, the Sienna Nightshade is based on either the Sienna SE or SE Premium, and adds an array of blacked-out exterior trim for a more sinister look.

That includes a mesh grille, rear spoiler, side mirror caps, door handles, badges and wheels – all done up in black. The alloys measure 19 inches, or 18 if you go for the all-wheel-drive version (which is still available on the Nightshade edition instead of the standard front-drive setup).

Buyers can also choose between four colors: Midnight Black Metallic (to match), or Celestian Silver Metallic, Salsa Red Pearl, or Super White (to contrast). They all come with black interiors, so families with little kids who tend to snack (and spill) under way may want to shy away.

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The package adds an extra $700 to the MSRP, which comes to $39,360 (delivered) fo the Sienna SE Nightshade Edition, or $45,455 for the Sienna SE Premium Nightshade. CarsDirect reports that only 4,000 examples will be made available (whatever the trim or drivetrain setup), with availability set to open this month.

Of course if you're in the market for a minivan but aren't into the murdered-out look, you can still get the Sienna in L, LE, SE, SE Premium, XLE, XLE Premium, Limited, And Limited Premium trims, and in a wider array of colors inside and out.