Toyota Says Its New Insurance Product Is "Toyotally Awesome"

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Yup. Toyota actually used those words.

Toyota Insurance Management Solutions has established its first branded product, and it's called Toyota Auto Insurance.

Toyota says this new product is designed to provide customers with quality, customizable insurance at affordable rates.

This policy is currently available in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and South Carolina, and will soon be offered in Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. More states will be added in the coming months. According to Toyota, you can make an application via its app, call center, dealerships, or the dedicated Toyota Auto Insurance website.

Manufacturers offering car insurance is a new trend. A car can keep a close eye on your driving habits these days, which means you have access to concrete evidence that you're a good driver.

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Both Hyundai and Ford are trying to drive insurance costs down by monitoring driver behavior. The basic idea is to use proof of safe driving habits to earn discounts from insurance companies.

Toyota partnered with Toggle (part of Farmers Insurance) to create this new product, which has more than 90 years of insurance insight. Toyota says its customers will receive "Toyotally Awesome" discounted pricing. Just when you think marketing language couldn't get any more pretentious…

Putting the cringey marketing language aside, Toyota Auto Insurance works with Toyota-certified repair centers and Rent-a-Toyota programs to get its customers back on the road as fast as possible.

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The product also integrates into Toyota's existing customer car programs. As standard, Toyotas come with roadside assistance. So you won't be paying an additional fee for something already covered under the roadside assistance policy.

Another bonus is the customization options. You can tailor the insurance according to your lifestyle. One example is coverage for rideshare drivers. Considering the Prius is the preferred Uber car of choice, this is a huge bonus. Toyota will also cover non-Toyota vehicles, but only if their part of the same household.

"We are excited to bring our flagship auto insurance product to market. With Toyota Auto Insurance, we can truly enhance the complete Toyota ownership experience for our customers," said Will Nicklas, chief operating officer of Toyota Insurance Management Solutions. "We look forward to expanding this product even further, including empowering Toyota owners to seamlessly use their driving data for additional insurance discounts."

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2019-2021 Toyota Prius Rear Angle View
2019-2021 Toyota Prius Side View
2019-2021 Toyota Prius Frontal Aspect
2022 Toyota GR86 Side View Driving
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