Toyota Shows Off TRD Camry And Avalon Before LA


But do these sporty sedans boast any extra power?

Just a few days ago, Toyota released a single teaser image for two upcoming TRD models of the Camry and Avalon. The single image showed the front ends of both sedans, with the very secretive caption "#LAAutoShow here we come. Move over trucks - our #TRD family is growing and we saved you a seat." Aside from this tiny amount of information, Toyota didn't give us any other details about the two cars.

We thought Toyota would play this pretty close to the chest, given that the two cars are set to be revealed on November 28th and the 2018 LA Auto Show. Surprisingly, Toyota just couldn't wait until the auto show and has posted several teaser videos via its Twitter and Facebook accounts.


The first video is hosted by NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. and former Top Gear host Rutledge Wood. Interestingly, Wood has a sore throat throughout the video, so Truex Jr. does most of the talking. He is very qualified to talk about sporty Toyota cars, having raced in NASCAR using a Camry.

Thanks to this video, we now have a much better idea of what both cars will look like. Toyota clearly wanted these TRD cars to be more aggressive than the XSE versions of the Camry and Avalon. The Camry is shown off in a bit more detail with a black spoiler, red interior accents, and a TRD exhaust.

Unfortunately, we still have no idea if the TRD changes are more than aesthetic. The TRD exhaust could add a bit more power to the 3.5-liter 301 horsepower V6, though we doubt there will be any turbocharging or supercharging to further increase output. Toyota will most likely increase the power slightly and focus more on suspension upgrades. One of the teaser videos does give a brief exhaust clip where the V6 sounds more throaty than usual. It seems like we will have to wait until the LA Auto Show to find out more about these cars, but our interest has certainly been piqued.


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