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Toyota May Finally Stop Being Stubborn And Add Android Auto

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One of the last holdouts has finally come on board.

When Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were just starting out, there was a bit of hesitation from the auto industry. Initially, car companies didn't want to give up their proprietary infotainment systems but later saw the benefits of phone mirroring systems for their customers. While most automakers jumped on the Apple and Google bandwagon, Toyota decided to persist with its own infotainment, shunning Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

We always thought this was a mistake by Toyota but the company has learned its lesson and added Apple CarPlay functionality to many of its models, starting with the 2019 Camry. This was a great start, but it still left a huge portion of the market with Android phones unable to connect their phone to their car. Now, Automotive News reports that Toyota has finally seen the light and will add Android Auto functionality as well.

A person close to the matter says Toyota has finally reached a deal with Google, ending the company's aversion to the software for safety and security reasons. The deal has yet to be announced officially, so the sources did not want to be identified. We should expect an official announcement from Toyota as soon as October, though the rollout to actual vehicles may not happen immediately. We've recently seen Mazda end its holdout as one of the few automakers to not support CarPlay or Android Auto but the Japanese automaker is still in the process of adding these systems across its entire lineup.

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Toyota admits Android Auto has been demanded by customers but has declined to make an official announcement. Alphabet (Google's parent company) also declined to comment. If this news turns out to be true, Toyota will finally end its holdout as one of the only automakers not to offer Android Auto functionality. With Toyota finally on board, there are now very few automakers that don't offer Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, or both.